Doomed to Excellence (E-Book)

Secrets of the German Mittelstand A Guide Book for Entrepreneurs

Dr. Christoph Weiß

Bonn 2014, 155 Seiten

Reihe: Managing the Family Business, Vol. 1

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Although I’m an optimist, there are days when I come home from work feeling depressed. Not because the usual problems at work wear me down, but because I’ve yet again had the “pleasure” of meeting with entrepreneurs from trade, industry or the service sector and hearing about their woes. Sometimes you can’t help but feel sorry for them!

It’s always the same old story: either the bank cashes out of the game, the board of directors is rioting, or the biggest client is backing out. And then I hear their cries of helplessness and their whining! But then I realized that those people cannot be helped. They actually enjoy complaining!

I strongly recommend entrepreneurs like that not to read this book. It would make them unhappy because they would see that all their problems are due not to adversity but to themselves!

I wrote this book for entrepreneurs who know that their company’s success or failure is by and large in their own hands and know they have to work hard every day at making their company a success. I wrote this book for those who want to be able to say at the end of their careers: “It’s because of me, not despite me, that my company has successfully overcome so many obstacles!”—those who want to look back on what they have created with pride!

In this regard, Doomed to Excellence is meant to provoke entrepreneurs whose companies’ days are numbered! And whoever does not wake up now will go down with the rest.